While most attention is probably being lavished on a rumored Galaxy S5 Prime, Samsung‘s more rugged variant might actually be just as interesting. A video of a leaked demo model of the Galaxy S5 Active point to an even more rugged device compared to the Galaxy S5, and possibly and even higher density display.

We were wondering what would make the Galaxy S5 Active even more “active”, considering that the Galaxy S5 itself already boasts of dust and water resistant powers. Now we know, at least if this device leaked to TK Tech News is the real deal. It seems that Samsung is giving the Active version an edge by literally giving its edge some extra protection, making the smartphone look like something you won’t be afraid of dropping, by accident, of course. The flap that protects the micro USB port at the bottom is still there. Quite interesting is the choice of hardware buttons, not just for the home button but even for the menu and back buttons. Samsung has seemingly styled those buttons to match the overall rugged theme of the device.

Inside, or underneath the rear cover, to be exact, you once again meet the rubber seal, which is noted to be harder than that of the Galaxy S5 itself, giving yet another rugged improvement over the flagship. In everything else, the Galaxy S5 seems to be similar, except for the display. Now this one might be a bit dubious, but the screen on this Galaxy S5 Active model is believed to be higher than the 1080p screen on the Galaxy S5. While that would be nice, it sounds highly unlikely that this rugged variant would outdo the flagship. Nonetheless, you do have a Super AMOLED screen there, unlike the plain LCD of the Galaxy S4 Active.

The device’s Settings notes that the model is the SM-G870A, which matches an earlier leak that identifies this model as the one headed for the US via AT&T. Of course, this is not yet the retail version of the Galaxy S5 Active and we’ll just have to wait for Samsung’s official word, which will hopefully come soon.

[UPDATE] A two-part full hands-on video is now up. The first part below makes a brief survey of the case, which, surprisingly seems to be made out of metal. At least on the edges. The rear cover still seems to be made of plastic.


Part 2 continues below with a test run of the heart rate sensor below the camera, which is noted to be more protruded than the regular Galaxy S5. The hands-on also confirms the metal edges of the case, supported by a hard rubber gasket.


VIA: @TK Tech News