Well there you go folks. For those worried AT&T might be holding out, we have just received the news from AT&T themselves that their version of the Galaxy S III will also be hitting the streets this month. You didn’t think they’d let Verizon and T-Mobile have all the fun did you? While they appear to only be offering the phone in a 16GB version and not a 32GB, they claim to be also selling a red model.

Earlier today we reported on AT&T’s SGS III sign up page, but now they’ve finally released the full details confirming that the flagship Samsung smartphone will indeed be available for pre-order starting Wednesday, June 6th (just like Verizon) although they still didn’t get us an actual release date when it will be in customers hands.

AT&T’s Galaxy S III will be just like every other US carrier. As in it’ll feature the hardware home button, and replace the Samsung Exynos quad-core for Qualcomm’s 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon in order to offer 4G LTE speeds and 2GB of RAM. Everything else remains exactly the same, which doesn’t need any introduction. AT&T will be offering the 16GB model for $199 (no surprise) and an optional 16GB micro-SD card at $39 for a total of 32 GB for under $238.99. This makes it cheaper than Verizon’s 32GB model at $249, but then you’ve used up that SD slot.

Most likely AT&T’s phone will arrive inside June but that has yet to be decided. They also state the red model won’t be available right away, and is coming later this summer. I can’t wait to see how that looks – and they’ll probably call it Candy Apple Red.

[via AT&T]