The AT&T Galaxy S II began receiving Jelly Bean yesterday, however while we had been seeing reports from users, we hadn’t seen a changelog with all the specifics of the update. With that in mind, that changelog has since been posted by Samsung and it looks like it contains all the expected features.

The update will leave your Galaxy S II Skyrocket running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with baseband version I777UCMD8. As for the details of the update, AT&T Galaxy S II users can expect the following;

  • Improved multi-tasking
  • Customizable widgets
  • Improved text input and spell-checking
  • New dictionaries for better error correction and word suggestion
  • Enhanced web browsing and personalization capability
  • Improved email management
  • New technology for better security options
  • Clearer menu formatting
  • Google Now with enhanced voice activation
  • Adds Browser bar, Drive Mode, ATT Locker, Mobile Hot Spot, Featured Apps widget as preloaded applications
  • Removes Qik and Mspot applications
  • TTY call quality improvement

According to details provided by Samsung, it looks like the update (at least for now) is only available using Kies. And for those who are itching to get the update as quickly as possible and have had little (or no) experience with Kies, thankfully Samsung did provide a detailed set of step-by-step directions.

Aside from the new features listed above, those upgrading will also see the general improvements that come as a result of Project Butter. Basically, things should be smooth moving forward. Samsung has also offered a few pieces of information about what you can expect after the update.

For example, the update will remove any paired Bluetooth devices and other items such as the home screens and application menu will resort to the original default views. Those updating should also know that email accounts that have been added to the Social Hub or Samsung premium account will be removed and that any music playlists and settings will be reset during the update. Bottom line here, while Jelly Bean will be a nice update — you may want to make sure you do a bit of work before you begin to make sure you don’t lose anything in the process.

SOURCE: Samsung


  1. The update failed for me at 69% and now Kies just shows the current firmware and won’t let me run the update again. I’m still on 4.04, I777UCLL6

  2. I updated my phone from old version 2.*
    I like new 4.1.2 but screen is darker than before. Actually contrast is lower than before. Black
    level is up and white is not so white like before. (brightness is set to MAX) It is difficult to use it outside.
    Did anyone notice the same?

  3. I upgraded my SG2 SGH-I777 and the phone was running hot and draining the battery so I reset to factory default which fixed that. Works great now and I love it.


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