With the Samsung Galaxy S 4 hot in the news and on everyone’s mind, not to mention Android 4.3 Jelly Bean coming soon, some will be happy to know their aging Galaxy S II is getting an update this week. AT&T updated their newer Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket to Android 4.1 back in April, but sadly the original GS II was left out, until today.

For whatever reason the original 4.3-inch standard Samsung Galaxy S II on AT&T hasn’t been updated, while the GS II Skyrocket, and all other carriers GS II’s have. This week however XDA and our inbox are being flooded with users claiming to be receiving the tasty Jelly Bean treat today.

According to Android Police the AT&T Galaxy S II (SGH-I777) has Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ready and waiting on Samsung Kies, build number UCMD8. If you’ve been waiting for all this goodness go and get it now.

We don’t have a full changelog but you can expect some of those TouchWiz enhancements, not to mention project butter for a smoother OS. Then of course Google Now voice search and those ever important expandable notifications should all be on board. The update isn’t rolling out over the air, but could later this week. For now check Kies and give it a try today.



  1. Is it just me or is this new update DUMPING the battery’s charge on the phone? With absolutely no extra background operations running, blank black wallpaper, wifi and 4G off, i can literally watch the battery level drain before my eyes. This update is new, but something tells me that in a weeks time millions of the same complaint are going to rack up. WTF

  2. I had battery dump as well so I did the factory reset. Now it works great and is not overheating. Love it now.


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