Right on schedule, AT&T is rolling out the awaited KitKat update for the giant Samsung Galaxy Mega. Along with Android 4.4 and its features, which you probably know by heart by now, AT&T and Samsung are throwing in some other additions, like getting Beats Music and ISIS Wallet pre-installed on the device.

Based on the update timetable leaked last month, the Galaxy Mega, both the 5.8 and 6.3 inch models, were scheduled to get Android 4.4 by June, which is this month. Now AT&T has opened the floodgates of the update for its customers. The carrier even provides a rather detailed changelog to boot. Cloud printing, immersive mode, integrated cloud storage, and unified location settings are most likely familiar to most of our readers who have been following our Android 4.4 coverage since the release went live late last year.

Piggybacking on the changes coming from Android itself are some changes added by Samsung. Air View, for example, which was popularized way back with the Galaxy S 4, has been switched off by default. ISIS Wallet for NFC-based mobile payments, now comes with the update. And as with the new Galaxy S5 and Samsung devices that already got their Android 4.4 update, a new camera shortcut has been added to the lower right corner of the lockscreen.

The update will be delivered via OTA and only over a WiFi connection. Samsung notes the the notification for the update can be postponed up to a maximum of three times, after which the I527UCUBNE7 firmware will automatically be downloaded and installed. This update only applies to the AT&T variant of the Samsung Galaxy Mega, the SGH-i527, and specifically the 6.3-inch version.

SOURCE: Samsung