AT&T seems to be offering these 4G LTE expansion updates on a fairly regular basis these days. The most recent came back on April 18, however we have been seeing these types of expansion announcements several times a month lately. On that note, this latest touches on coverage across eight states including Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Virginia and West Virginia.

Keep in mind that some of these are new markets and some are expansions of previously covered markets, lets first begin with Colorado. The Colorado coverage deals with Denver, which has been expanded to include parts of Golden and Lakewood. Some new coverage has been turned on for those in Kokomo, Indiana as well as Shelbyville, Kentucky and Flint, Michigan.

Previously existing coverage in Northwest Mississippi had 4G LTE available for those in Oxford. This expansion brings LTE to parts of Batesville along Highway 6, Sardis and South Oxford. Shifting back to another new market and those in Springfield, Missouri will now have the option to use LTE. New coverage has also been turned on for those in Petersburg, Virginia and for those in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Otherwise, looking the 4G AT&T network as a whole and we see the carrier still touting themselves as having the “nation’s largest 4G network.” To clarify, that includes the HSPA+ and LTE networks, which according to AT&T, is now accessible by more than 292 million people. AT&T users also get access to the nationwide hotspot network, which has 32,000 locations spread across restaurants, hotels, bookstores and retailers.