While maybe not as big of a push as we have seen with some of the recent AT&T LTE expansions, it looks like the carrier has announced additional coverage for three markets across three states today. The expansion deals with Oklahoma, South Carolina and Wyoming. The new coverage for today includes the cities of Cushing, Florence and Cheyenne.

Basically, this means if you happen to be eligible for an upgrade and living in any of those three cities — it may be a good time to make sure the device you choose has LTE connectivity. Or if you already have an LTE capable device, head out and begin enjoying the speed increase.

Touching specifically on Wyoming and in this case AT&T has said they have invested more than $30 million between 2010 through 2012 in an effort to “enhance speeds, reliability and performance for customers.” Otherwise, in addition to the expanded coverage, AT&T also took some time to tout the network as a whole.

In this case, AT&T is reminder users that “unlike some competitors” they can offer 4G speeds outside of LTE covered areas. By that they are referring to the existing HSPA+ network. And what AT&T announcement would be complete without a mention of their hotspot network, which is now said to have 32,000 across the US.