When AT&T announced its first smartphones to take advantage of its new fancy-pants LTE network, a few balked at the $199 and $249 prices for the HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, respectively. Well, rejoice bargain hunters: the price for each has dropped by a cool $100. That makes the Vivid just $99.99 and the Skyrocket $149.99 – not bad for a pair of phones with specs that are just shy of the top of the line.

AT&T didn’t give a reason for the price drop, but it’s likely that a lot of people weren’t thrilled at the prospect of paying a considerable premium for LTE. After all, the LTE portion of the network still only  extends to a handful of metro markets, and if you don’t live in one, a modest bump up from other Android phones like the Galaxy S II and Inspire 4G doesn’t really warrant the increased price. Curiously, the reduction makes the Galaxy S II Skyrocket $50 less than the plane-Jane version of the Galaxy S II. If you’re an AT&T customer who wants a GSII, there’s no reason not to go with the Skyrocket.

The price drop is currently only showing up on the online phone pages themselves – for some reason, the price drop isn’t showing up on the generic Smartphone page. That might mean that the deal isn’t for retail stores, or that it’s simply a promotional price. Either way, they’re great deals, assuming that you’re in the market and your 2-year contract is up.

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  1. Unfortunately, too many web sites have picked this $99 price up. As the other commenters noted, it is, or was, available only in certain places. I know it’s had to believe, but New York City is not typical of the rest of the world. Also, note that NYC is one of the places where AT&T is having trouble with their service.

  2. How are these ‘just shy of top of the line?’ The Skyrocket has a dual 1.5ghz proc and they both have a gig of ram. And like the other posters mentioned, this depends on region. Here in Georgia they’re still $199 & $249


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