It should come as no surprise that we’re expecting not just an announcement of the new Facebook app for Android and Facebook Home, but also a smartphone. It will be gracing the hands of users at the Facebook Home press event this afternoon. With a few leaks already in the bag many assumed it would be AT&T, but we can now confirm AT&T’s own CEO Ralph de la Vega is in the building.

We’re here live for the Facebook event which will be getting started in another 30 minutes or so, but while roaming around we noticed AT&T’s own CEO strolling down the road 1 Hacker Way on the Facebook campus. He then proceeded into building 16 and disappeared. We’d love to see the phone he probably has in his suit jacket pocket, but that won’t be happening.

We know there will be a smartphone along with the Facebook Home announcement. All bets are off as we’ve seen enough leaks, evidence, and FCC filings to confirm the device. That being the HTC first (codenamed Myst) which recently passed the FCC with AT&T and 4G LTE on board. Now that we’ve seen AT&T’s own CEO live on site for the event, it’s all but confirmed.

Now all we need is for Mark Zuck to take the stage and fill the air with some usual words of Facebook’s awesomeness, and then let the announcements fly. We’ll be reporting live so stay tuned for details and pictures and more. It looks like the HTC first will be coming either first, or exclusively to AT&T in the near future. Now lets just hope it will be free.