Another AT&T branded handset is getting Jelly Bean. The handset is the Samsung Galaxy Express and the update will be arriving as Android 4.1. Perhaps even better, AT&T has said the update is available now and that it will be coming over the air. Those with an AT&T branded Galaxy Express now have two options ahead of them.

You can take the casual approach which means sitting back and waiting for an update notification to arrive on your device. Should you take this path, wait for the notification and then follow the prompts. Those looking to get the update now should connect to a Wi-Fi network and then navigate to Menu -> Settings -> About device -> Software update -> Check for updates to get the process started.

Of course, regardless of the path you follow — the end result will be the same and leave you with Jelly Bean. In this case that means the regular Jelly Bean goodies such as improved notifications, Google Now and the smoothness that comes as a result of Project Butter. There will also be some AT&T specifics included. The AT&T items include the introduction of an Easy Mode and Blocking Mode.

The Easy Mode is as the name implies and will allow the user to switch get a “simplified experience” that is aimed at the first-time smartphone user. We are not all that certain many current owners will need to switch to Easy Mode, however Blocking Mode may be something to look at. This will allow you to disable incoming calls as well as notifications, alarms and LED indicators for a designated period of time. Finally, the Jelly Bean update will also bring a data usage calculator that will let you set limits and better manage your data usage.

[via AT&T]

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