AT&T, one of the more popular smartphone carriers in the U.S., announced that they are making some major changes to their prepaid data plans for smartphones. These new plans take effect immediately, and they should prove useful for users who don’t like to be locked into a contract.

AT&T’s new Monthly Unlimited Plan includes unlimited talk and text, with 1 GB of data for $65. This plan is designed specifically with smartphone users in mind. They claim this new plan will save them $10 a month when compared to options available before. The original plans are still available if users should so choose, but the new option seems like the better choice.

“As more of our prepaid customers choose smartphones, we wanted to offer them a rate plan that meets their needs while still being an excellent value,” said Judy Cavalieri, vice president – Voice and Prepaid Products, AT&T. “We’re excited to offer this new option to our growing base of smartphone customers to give them a better smartphone experience while keeping their budget in check.”

These plans are available for all AT&T prepaid phones, including their Android models such as the Samsung Galaxy Appeal (i827). If you are looking to get away from having a contract, $65 a month does not seem like a bad choice.