This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Jimmy Lovine, co-founder and CEO of Beats Audio Electronics and his music streaming service, but the latest word is they’ll be making a huge push to compete with Spotify and Google Music. We already know the service is reportedly being called Project Daisy, and today reports have surfaced that they’ll be partnering up with AT&T.

According to the latest details from CNET, Beats Audio and AT&T will partner up and be combining the music streaming service into existing AT&T data plans. This move will be one attempt, of many, to beat out competitors like Rdio and Spotify with ads and fees.

It would also be pretty safe to assume all HTC smartphones will have this bundled and pre-installed, but that was a given considering their partnership. The initial Beats and AT&T partnership is said to still be in the early stages, so the exact details on possible structuring aren’t yet available.

We’re assuming AT&T will either have exclusive access early, maybe a beta trial, or their own ad-free version that others could pay for. This all being if the above mentioned combination into data plans doesn’t pan out. Pretty interesting approach we’re hearing here, but nothing is set in stone.

CNET ends by stating if the AT&T does doesn’t work out, Lovine will continue on to other carriers and try to work something out and give another the exclusive access. Would you switch from your music streaming app of choice for a version bundled with your carrier? We’re loving Google Music All Access here. Let us know.