The Atrix 4G is a device that is going to be highly focused on accessories. Whether it’s the laptop dock or multimedia dock, the device is not just a cellphone, it’s a mobile computer. And now, according to a listing on, it seems the HD multimedia dock will retail for $59.

Currently only a place-holder page, the $59 price-tag definitely seems like a fitting option for the dock. For $59, you will gain access to 3 USB ports, and a micro HDMI port for HD playback.

Essentially allowing your Atrix to becoming a desktop computer, once docked the phone will push out the new Motorola web top user interface for a true desktop experience. We still do not have a official release date for the Atrix other then “the end of February.” But so far it seems that $150 will be a good price for the device considering all of the accessories everyone will want to buy.

Which accessories are you looking to pick up for the Atrix? Would the laptop or desktop-like options be more for you? Let us know!

[Via AndroidAndMe]


  1. I plan on getting both docks and selling my laptop. I should be able to get about $500 for my laptop and $200 for my phone (nexus one).

    What is the screen size on the laptop dock, does anyone know?

    • It’s 11.6-inches – the same as a smaller MacBook Air. That should make for a very usable notebook alternative, as long as you’re not looking to do heavy-duty video editing, etc.

  2. The ATRIX is such an impressive phone with all its possibilities that I don’t know what to do: to keep my beloved Nexus One and buy a tablet as an addition (would be a NotionInk Adam, then) or get rid of the N1, relinquish the Adam and wait for the Moto? As Adam isn’t available anyway at the moment I will have some time to think about what I really want. At least, the Motorola solution would be much more expensive when I would use it as my daily laptop which would be a great thing to do. Let’s wait for some hands-on.
    The $59 for the multimedia dock seems to be a fair price to me.


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