Radio Shack has entered the fray with the rest of the carriers showing off their stock of the brand new Motorola ATRIX 4G, offering it up at the low low price of $149.99 both online at select stores (aka most of the stores, but you never know!) They’ve also reminded us that they’ve got at least the Laptop Dock for utilizing the smartphone to the fullest, offering this up at $329.99 with the purchase of the ATRIX 4G smartphone, this being $150 less than you’d pay for the dock on its own.

This “Trade & Save” deal is happening February 20th through the 26th and features trade in deals for five popular Samsung phones, each of them offered at a pretty fresh deal when you consider the $50 bump-off. They are the Epic 4G $199.99, Captivate $99.99, Seek $149.99, Intercept $229.99, Galaxy S 4G $149.99, and even the Inspire 4G at it’s amazingly small price of $99.99 — each of these connected to a 2-year deal, of course. Each of these is bumped down a further $50 when you trade in a functional functional phone of your own. Rules on that:

* To be eligible, the phone must power on, cannot be PIN locked and must be in fully functional, working condition without any broken components, including, but not limited to, cracked display. In addition, the cell phone housing or casing cannot be cracked or broken, and neither the display nor the housing can exhibit any signs of liquid damage. Limit 1 per customer. All trade-ins are final. Trade and Save program not available where prohibited by local law. See participating stores for details.

Furthermore, Radio Shack is teasing us and you with a further instant “Trade & Save” upgrade credit next week that we assume will be similar to Best Buy’s similar Buyback program (featuring Ozzy and Bieber!) They’re just being totally ruthless in asking “which hot mobile devices will be eligible for next week’s deal?” Auugh! This is all part of Radio Shack’s “Fresh Phone February” which they note will continue through March 5th.