ASUS ZenFone 8 ANDROID 12 Beta Update

Here is another OEM that is joining the Android 12 bandwagon. Actually, it’s not really a bandwagon. Phone makers are really meant to work on Android 12 updates especially now that the public version is almost ready. We just mentioned earlier T-Mobiles plans. Several smartphones from Google, OnePlus, and Samsung are getting Android 12 from the carrier. This time, we’re learning from ASUS a similar good news. Those who own a ZenFone 8 phone will get Android 12 soon as the OEM is already working on the next build.

As with most OEMs, ASUS needs beta testers. ASUS ZenFone 8 users are encouraged to join the program to experience Android 12. The program will allow ZenFone 8 phone owners to try the build on its first stage.

Testers can help ASUS developers to discover bugs. Recruitment will be from October 1 to October 13, 2021 (CST time). Note that the beta software is confidential. ASUS phone owners are not allowed to share any information with the public.

You can enroll and wait for ASUS to respond if you can finally join the Beta Program. To sign-up, go to Setting> System> System update> Enroll in the Beta Test Program. You will need to read the instructions carefully, Agree, and then fill in the beta test application. Click Submit right after. And then wait for ASUS for any notice.


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