Earlier, we were informed ASUS decided to ship the Transformer Prime with a 128-bit locked bootloader. Many users were outraged by this bit of information, and they decided to do something about it. A public letter has been written to ASUS and NVIDIA requesting they unlock the bootloader’s they rightfully paid for.

Stating that an unlocked bootloader on the world’s first quad-core tablet would ultimately benefit progression in development, signers of the petition claim full responsibility in supporting their own devices. Many people, including myself, purchase a device because they know it will ship with an unlocked bootloader – and thus support modified ROMs and tweaked kernels. Without the special additions developers bring to the table, some devices wouldn’t last but 4 hours on a single battery during heavy use.

There is no doubt the Transformer Prime is at the top of its class, but there is also no denying its developmental potential. Who knows what a quad-core NVIDIA chip can get pushed to? Yes, those developing know the consequences that may arise during testing, but they were known well before purchase of the device.

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