The ASUS Transformer Prime seems to be available for shipping now! Over at Wireless Goodness, a screenshot was taken of their webpage showing the item was available for free delivery. The fine print even stated it “Usually leaves our warehouse in 1 business day”. This would essentially mean a possible December 27th delivery.

The only version of the device available is gray and has a 32GB internal storage. Hurry and order here before this much sought after item sells out! The accessories are currently unavailable, but keep an eye out as they may be soon. With Christmas right around the corner, I wouldn’t be surprised if Best Buy backorders from the overwhelming amount of purchases.

Included in the box, is the ASUS Transformer Prime with 32GB internal storage, its lithium-polymer batter, an AC adapter, power cord, and owner’s manual. It’s too bad a bundle with the keyboard dock isn’t available, as that is what really sets this tablet apart from the rest. The tablet will ship with Android 3.2 Honeycomb and ASUS confirmed an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich soon. Those of you have haven’t seen it – check out our review of the device here!

[via Wireless Goodness]


  1. I just woke up, read this article, and went immediately to Best Buy online to purchase. It says coming soon now.  Christmas is ruined. kidding, lol

  2. Hey, thanks a lot.  I’ve been scouring the web multiple times a day for an article like this.  Just ordered it from Best Buy online with expedited shipping and it states it’ll be delivered by 12/28.  Thanks again!!!

  3. Just ordered mine! I hope it actually ships When they say it will!! I hope I don’t regret canceling my pre order from amazon

  4. Don’t hold your breath!  I just placed the same order but after talking with a customer rep, it’s probably a glitch.  The SKU# 4038674 doesn’t exist in their system.  They don’t have any in stock.  This will be a huge PR disaster for Best Buy!

  5. Ok I just bought one as well.  What happens if we all get notification from Best Buy that they were incorrect and it’s not available for a month or more?  Do we have recourse?  I’d order from Amazon in that case and save the $35 sales tax.  

  6. was about to confirm my order online at best buy but decided to call best buy to verify that it is indeed instock and would be shipped out in a day….the rep said that the sku # 4038674  is not even coming up in the system. So then when I said Asus transforer prime she looked it up and said that the item is NOT in stock….she said she had no way of telling when it would become available either! i’m glad i did not submit my order….i’m getting really irritated been waiting for the prime for a long time…tired of the delays….i wanted this tablet over the ipad 2 but now im starting to reconsider….did you guys who submitted your orders on best buy online get a confirmation????

    • I submitted an order with BB and got a confirmation email shipping the 27th…
      I didn’t have anywhere else to preorder at since Amazon says 4-7 weeks and by then I can probably buy it somewhere else… the worst comes to show I’ll get my money back and buy it somewhere else but right now this is the best option anywhere :]

  7. I just bought my transformer prime at gamestop in the brickyard in Chicago IL. The only store in Illinois that actually had it in their store. I lucked up because they had an extra one that I had to go thru some trouble to get btw (offering $50 to the rep which he declined). Excellent tablet very impressed! Now to help some of you guys out who dont know. Gamestop are taking reservations for a January 11th release (corporate says the 6TH) on the prime. On whom which I’ve been following for some weeks are saying they should ship at a first come first serve on Dec 27, 2011. This is by far the hardest product I’ve ever searched for hopes this helps some out. If you have to wait its worth it.

  8. I preordered it back on nov 22 from but it still shows waiting for the release day on dec 30. i then checked last night from and found out they are in stock but appatently they are under different product # or code from the one i preordered. its the same product and color! i called BB but they didnt even know the reason behind this. So i purchased it amd now its going to be shipped the next day while the one i preordered is sti waiting for the release. i have mixed feeling. i was upset that for this error but im happy that i got mine purchased!

  9. i ordered this from best buy on the 23rd and it says under order status that my order is in process and should ship in 0-1 days. it says i can not cancel it at this point. is this good or bad? i will see if it does in fact ship today then update this.

    • update: i just got off the phone with best buy. they said that they did have it in stock and the orders will be filled. i mentioned the product not coming up for the sku she said that it was not normal but it wasnt an issue, they still had them in stock. she said that a person she talked to earlier today did the same this (ordered on dec 23) and his already shipped and is being delivered tommorow. Good Luck everyone!

      • It was not coming up if you do a search for it because they were “holding” it so that they could fulfill all the pre-orders.  The funny thing is that I received an email from Best Buy saying the champagne was delayed and that they would replace it with the gray and the champagne is still being shown on the site!!

  10. I really hope this is not a glitch as I ordered 2 tablets from Best Buy, christmas was basecally placed on hold in my household because this tablet did not arrive when expected. It says I should expect to get it between Dec 29th- Jan 4th, I also have a confirmation email with order number so I REALLY hope this works. …….

  11. ordered mine on the 24th with priority shipping….was expected to be here on the 27th, but still no shipping confirmation…..  🙁

  12. thank god!!! mine shows shipped. hopefully it will arive on the 28th of december like it said it would. the one strange thing is that when i look at my delivery number on ups it says that it can not locate the shipment. probably only because it just shipped. i will check again tommorow. Good Luck!

  13. They only have the gray.  I ordered the champagne and they first said it was back ordered on the 19th and then received an email saying it was delayed.  They offered to replace it with the gray and after a 144 minute phone call it should be here tomorrow.  I wanted the champagne but figured it was going to be in a case or cover anyhow.

  14. They have since sold out online.  I’m sure they back ordered at some point as well, but sounds like some people’s orders are currently being shipped. Hope mine does! Ordered on the 24th.  Shipping to Hawai’i. Will update if you guys want.

  15. I ordered on the 24th with 2nd day shipping and it says it was shipped on the 26th and told me it should be here by tomorrow. It’s kinda weird that when I clicked on the tracking number provided it says 

    “A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.”

    It’s already been a day and it says shipped so I would figure the information should have been updated by now since it should arrive tomorrow. 0_o

    • I just got my UPS confirmation…it shipped from Fresno, can at 630pm…delivery is scheduled for tomorrow. I placed my order for the 32gb grey tablet on Dec. 24th with expedited shipping. I will let you know when it’s delivered here on the east coast.

  16. Ordered mine on the 24th with the special link and it also shipped today!! It was supposed to get here by tomorrow since I ordered 2nd day shipping but I guess because of the holidays it was delayed :0
    It says it’ll be here by Thursday tho! 😀 
    It shipped from Fresno, California 

    • The link was provided in a BB email notification that gave me the option to sub the gray for the gold I had on order. The link is no longer active for ordering.

  17. I ordered mine on the 25th after finding this article! I was a little skeptical after all the delays/cancellations and especially since you couldn’t manually navigate to the page on BB’s webstite. But I decided to take the chance and ordered 2. Proud to announce they shipped yesterday from Fresno! 
    Unfortunately I didn’t pay for expedited shipping so I have to wait until the 3rd before they’ll finally be here 🙁 I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on one of these for weeks and am so happy that I didn’t have to wait 4-7 weeks for my Amazon order to come in!   

    Thank you Android Community, I would’ve never found it without you!

      • well i did have to compromise on the color…but, hey…it’s going to be in a case most of the time anyway. Good luck with your order and i hope it gets to you soon….i want this to consume the market and kill the icrap they call an ipod22…go asus transformer prime!

  18. Just checked the website again, it is showing as available once more. Placed an order with Express shipping and it says it should be here no later than the 3rd, earliest the 30th. 

  19. Well I received a back ordered email last night from BB after placing my order yesterday.  It also says they expect to ship it within 1-2 weeks.  We’ll see.  At least my order is in the system and ready for fulfillment.

  20. I just wanted to let everyone know that I found this forum on Christmas and placed and order on Best Buy. I have since received a tracking number for UPS with a delivery date of Jan 4th. 


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