Just yesterday, ASUS dropped a ‘Teaser video II’ that doesn’t give much away, except that we should expect “twice the detail” in one of their upcoming products at MWC. With only two days until the actual event, you’d think they would ease up on the teasing and just let us painlessly await their press conference. Alas, that wasn’t their plan, and they have just dropped ‘Teaser video III’.

This one focuses on ‘colors in transformation’, and could be taken that ASUS may have added a few extra color options to their Transformer Prime. It’s not too farfetched, but at the same time the 17 second commercial was rather vague so anything is possible. It’s also unknown whether the previous teaser relates to this one; could they be depicting two different products – or do they describe the same one?


We know the ASUS Padfone is on its way this MWC, but could we see these features in the TF300T? This device will be an upgraded version of the original Transformer. While all of these assumptions will go unanswered until they unveil their devices, we can at least gather that we’ll see drastic visual improvements.

[via TalkAndroid]