If you’re an owner of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, listen up: you’re automatically eligible for a free GPS dongle to alleviate some less-than-stellar satellite reception. ASUS has just opened their registration page with instructions on the four-step process to claim your free hardware. The GPS dongle (which ASUS is calling the “external GPS extension kit”) fits into the Transformer Prime’s docking port and comes in a dark or light color to match your tablet.

In order to claim your dongle, you’ll need to log in or register for the ASUS VIP support site. From there you register your Transformer Prime (you know, that tedious process that none of us actually do) and click the “GPS Extension Kit Apply & Inquire” link. Enter your tablet’s serial number and your delivery address and you should be good to go. ASUS doesn’t say how long it’ll take to get there, but since shipping is presumably free it could be a week or two. If you want the free GPS dongle, hurry it up: the offer’s only valid through July 31st.

We saw a sneak peek of the dongle earlier this morning, and to be honest… it doesn’t look good. T’s bulky, plastic, and generally ruins the Prime’s premium aesthetic. It also won’t allow you to use the dongle and a charger or keyboard dock at the same time. But all things considered we’re glad that ASUS is offering them, and even more glad that they’re doing it for free. After all, it’s better than being told that “you’re holding it wrong”. Future Transformer models like the Transformer Pad 300 shouldn’t supper from the GPS reception issue.

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