What we have for you this fine Friday afternoon is the first sighting of an official accessory for our beloved Nexus 7. Accessories and docks for Nexus devices have been a bit of a mystery in the past. We still never saw a few of those Galaxy Nexus options Samsung showed off, and we’ve been seeing mockups for the Nexus 7 for months. Today however it just got as official as ever. Take a peek below at the ASUS Nexus 7 dock.

What we have here is an actual hands-on and unboxing of ASUS’ official Nexus 7 deck dock complete with the usual Nexus box design and more. From what we are seeing here it’s safe to say these accessories will be available from the Google Play Store extremely soon. Although it’s still anyone’s guess. We’ve seen leaks suggesting it would be available “early December” but we’re almost halfway through. Check it out:


According to what we’re hearing, this person was able to buy the ASUS Nexus 7 dock “a day early” at a retail outlet, so that sounds like it will become available tomorrow — at least in Japan. Just like all the previous leaks and rumors we have a nice desk dock with a 3.5mm audio out, as well as micro-USB for charging and syncing. The device simply uses those POGO pins for connection and charging, and appears to offer no video out options sadly.

So, from what we are seeing this is as legit as can be and Google/ASUS could start offering these up for sale extremely soon. Or just like most Nexus accessories they’ll remain a mystery. Either way I want one as long as it’s around $39.99 or less. Without HDMI-out options and such it really can’t be worth that much. Hopefully we find out more about this soon so stay tuned.

[via YouTube] -Thanks for sending this in guys!