After just having announced the revamped PadFone Infinity earlier this week, ASUS is already making waves about what it has in store. Soon to be added to its growing line of Android devices are the MeMOFone HD 5 and a smaller sibling of the smartphone/tablet hybrid, the PadFone mini.

ASUS’ catalog of Android devices is anything but ordinary, starting with its Transformer series that pioneered detachable tablet/laptop hybrids. Although it wasn’t the first to the scene, ASUS is one of the very few big manufacturers that still clings to a 7-inch tablet with full phone functionality. And who could ignore the most intriguing of them all, the PadFone smartphone that slides into a tablet dock that transforms it into a fully functional tablet.

In early August, we got a peek at leaked slides that revealed the company’s device roadmap and now ASUS CEO Jerry Shen himself is giving credence to what we saw. Next in line in ASUS’ plans are two smartphones. The first is the MeMOFone HD 5 which, as the name suggests, will probably sport a 5.0-inch 720p HD display and carry a budget price tag like other MeMO devices. The other smartphone will be the PadFone mini, which, according to Shen, will have a 4-inch screen and slide into a 7-inch tablet dock. Both will be using yet unnamed Qualcomm chips.

Although ASUS itself has confirmed it, we have yet to see any other spec or image of these future devices. Those might be coming soon, though, as ASUS is planning to unveil them either at the end of this year or in early 2014.

SOURCE: China Times
VIA: Unwired View