Last week we saw MWC “Teaser I” come from ASUS and as of today it looks like part two has dropped. This latest teaser video is once again taking place in Spain and once again suggesting a device that will be both a tablet and phone. The interesting part here, it seems ASUS has decided to let Christopher Columbus do the talking this time around.

The video, which is dubbed ‘MWC 2013 Teaser II A New Discover at Hand’ measures in at just 33 seconds in length. It begins by making it clear that we are seeing Barcelona, Spain while showing some scenery. We quickly come to the statue of Columbus and hear some tourists talking about him having a tablet in his hand. Here is where it becomes a bit more interesting though. You hear a ring and Columbus hits a button and answers a voice call on his tablet.

ASUS plays a bit from this point by having Columbus say that he is busy at work right now but he quickly goes back to the regular look of a statue. At this point the ASUS teasing comes back into play and ‘A New Discovery at Hand’ appears on the screen. From here we then get the date reminder. It seems Asus wants everyone to join them on February 25 “to discover a new world.” Here is where the mystery and speculation begins.

While the previous commercial seemed to imply a Padfone like device where the phone docked into the phone, this one seems to suggest that the tablet is the phone. Time will tell which ASUS will be announcing. Or maybe they will show everyone and announce both styles. The good part here, we have a rather short wait at this point in time. Finally, remember that Android Community is now on site in Barcelona and will be working to bring you all the important details to come out of the show.