ASUS has posted the first of what appears to be a series of Mobile World Congress teaser videos. This video has been dubbed the ASUS MWC 2013 Teaser I and is throwing around phrases like “ultimate craftsmanship” and “metallic miracle.” While the video is on the shorter side and doesn’t directly answer any questions as to what we can expect to see, ASUS has said that this will be “when the Pad and Phone come together” and that we should watch as they unleash the “next mobile transformation.”

Given we have already seen the ASUS Padfone and Transformer we are lead to believe this will be either another in one of these series or maybe even a combining of these series. The metallic miracle comment however does suggest something with a higher build quality. But really, that is just a bit of speculation and as we often see with these teaser videos — this one seems to have left plenty of questions. If nothing else, we are a bit curious and likely to now keep an eye (and ear) out for whatever ASUS plans to unveil during Mobile World Congress.

Based on the date in the video, it looks like ASUS has plans to make their announcement on February 25. Thankfully this will not be a long drawn out mystery, as of this point we have a bit less than 5 days remaining. We will also be on the lookout for additional teasers in the lead up to the show. So how about it, any guesses as to what ASUS plans to unveil during Mobile World Congress?

Remember, Android Community will be in Barcelona for the show and will be bringing you coverage from the show floor. Things are shaping up like we are going to have a few days packed with announcements. Of course, that thought could just be based on some of the hype and teasing we are seeing now. After all, several companies have already unveiled products ahead of the show.