Asus is reportedly preparing a gaming console. Specs for a device named Gamebox have already been spotted on AnTuTu’s site, and now it seems we’re getting our first look at a controller. With the proper gaming consoles dominated by Microsoft and Sony, it seems this will be an Android-powered platform.

A simple device that follows the ho-hum but tried-and-true format for gaming controllers, this one has the standard two joysticks and a directional pad. Four buttons cleverly lettered are on the right, and trigger buttons can be foud up top. The controller reeks of some PS/XBox mashup, which isn’t bad — just unoriginal.

Just a day after we learn Google has purchased Green Throttle Games, news of an Asus controller adds fuel to an Android gaming console launch. The benchmark stats tell us it has a Tegra 4 processor and 2GB RAM. The 8GB storage may be expandable, and the Android 4.3 may get an update on launch — if it ever launches. At the time of the benchmark test (February), it supported Bluetooth 3.0 and had a 430mAh battery. Again, those stats could change.

With Google’s recent acquisition and news of this controller from Asus, we’re leaning in two directions at once. Google has either tapped Asus to make the first console for their new venture and snapped up Green throttle for patents, or there will be multiple launch partners for this. Either way, we’re confident in the Tegra 4 for gaming purposes, so we’re anticipating this device.


Via: Liliputing