MetroPCS gave their earnings report for Q3 2012 just a little while ago, but now it’s time to hear from ASUS. All in all, it looks like ASUS had a pretty great Q3, reporting a net profit of $229.1 million on revenues of $3.8 billion. Net profits were up a staggering 48% year-over-year, which allowed ASUS to report its highest quarterly profit in the last four years.

That definitely isn’t anything to stick your nose up at, and it seems that the company’s excellent quarter had a lot to do with its tablet business. The company managed to ship 5 million laptops in quarter 3, which is up a healthy 14% sequentially, but that boost can’t hold a candle to increase tablet shipments enjoyed. ASUS shipped 2.3 million tablets in the quarter, and though that’s less than half the number of laptops it shipped in the same period, it also happens to be an increase of nearly 300% sequentially.

More than likely, the Nexus 7 had something to do with that large increase in tablet shipment. We’re thinking that the new Nexus 7 32GB models will help ASUS sell even more tablets going into Q4, and indeed, the company seems to agree. The company is expecting quarter 4 to be better across the board, projecting 5.5 million laptop shipments and 2.6 million tablet shipments for the next quarter.

If ASUS manages to hit that 2.6 million milestone for tablets, it will be 13% increase sequentially, which certainly isn’t bad. It definitely isn’t out of reach for ASUS either, as we’re quickly approaching the holiday shopping season. We’ll be keeping an eye on ASUS as the company closes in on its next fiscal year, because this latest earnings report shows that its one to watch.

[via SlashGear]


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