If there was ever any doubt that ASUS was going to enter the smartwatch market with a launch of a product impending at IFA 2014, those doubts can be safely quelled by now – ASUS is coming out with a new wearable product in Berlin. That much is certain, with the Taiwanese manufacturer continuing to put out teasers for the new product.

We covered their edgy-looking first teaser a couple of days back, and since then there have been a couple more images that have come out – all in the same edgy, smart-futuristic vein. The wearable gadget market is surely going to look a bit more crowded after IFA 2014, as ASUS will not be alone in launching a new smartwatch or some other Android-based wearable device.


As you can see from the image above – grabbed from the ASUS Facebook page – this is indeed a smartwatch. But those of you with tech smarts may have already noticed the emphasized curves on the face of the device. Is ASUS coming out with a curved OLED screen for its smartwatch? That is certainly edgy. Then again, it could just be a curved protector glass over a flat screen.


With all these teasers, you would do well to notice that no information has leaked about the specs of the device, although they are said to be using an AMOLED screen on it. The price point is anywhere from USD$99 to USD$150. Could it be because there are some yawn-inducing specs underneath? Or is ASUS really that secretive about the details? Watch this space and keep track of the goings-on at IFA via our timeline.