Around two months ago, rumours of a fourth smartwatch using the Android Wear platform began circulating, and ASUS was the most likely suspect to develop it. Reports were saying that the Taiwanese OEM would be launching its own device to compete with the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and the soon-to-be-out-in-the-market Moto 360. Now a tweet from ASUS seems to confirm and tease that they will indeed be launching one at next month’s IFA.

The tweet teases a watchface-like image hidden in the shadows, which most likely pertains to the launch of a new smartwatch. The image also contains a quote from author Khalil Gibran, saying “Time has been transformed and we have changed.” The tweet then says that “something #Incredible” will be happening at the #IFA2014. So unless they’re pertaining to an entirely different thing, then it’s most likely their long-rumored new toy.

Rumors have placed the smartwatch, at least in terms of prices, somewhere in the lower range of Android Wear devices, between $99 and $149. But in terms of specs, it will probably be close to the two existing ones in the market, as the platform is relatively new in the wearables industry. It will reportedly use both voice and gesture controls as well as “more natural user interfaces” as per ASUS chairman Johnny Shih.

All will be revealed in a few days time, as the graphic included in the tweet shows the date September 3 during the IFA in Berlin. The highly-anticipated Moto 360 is also expected to finally be available in the market by early September, so we’ll wait and see how the Asus smartwatch will compare to it, as well as the two other existing wearable devices on Android Wear.