ASUS has released its second teaser video leading up to Computex 2014 next week. This time, the hints are somewhat more obvious, which could be pointing to a new PadFone that comes complete with a keyboard dock.

Will it blend? Or perhaps ASUS really meant “will it mix?” It does and it actually has. There was a time when ASUS’ PadFone came not just with a tablet dock but a keyboard dock as well, giving users practically three devices in one: a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop. Those days seemed to be over, until a recent sighting at FCC seemed to imply otherwise.

There, a somewhat large phablet was seen hanging around not just with a tablet but also with a keyboard. This gave rise to hopes of the official return of the accessory, though there were indicators that this could be a bit different from previous generations of PadFone devices and their keyboard companions. If the speculation holds, the keyboard would not have any battery to supplement that of the phone’s or the tablet’s and would actually communicate via Bluetooth instead of physical interfaces. Depending on your opinion of Bluetooth keyboards, that could be a good or a bad thing.

It’s still not clear how the first teaser connects with this, which could be a totally different device. Fans and aspiring PadFone owners would have to keep their eyes peeled once Computex starts rolling next week on June 2. As for that other PadFone model, AT&T has already revealed that the PadFone X will be available for pre-order next week as well.