AT&T had been teasing the ASUS PadFone X recently. We had seen a few videos, however the carrier kept the release date and pricing details a secret. Well, flash forward till today and the official release details have been shared. AT&T will open pre-orders for the ASUS PadFone X on June 6th.

AT&T has said the “smartphone and ASUS PadFone Station” will be available on a two-year agreement or using the AT&T Next purchase option. The two-year pricing is $199.99 and the Next pricing will vary depending on which option you choose. Next 12 will mean payments of $29.80 and Next 18 will mean payments of $22.92. Both Next 12 and Next 18 come with no downpayment.

The carrier also has a special promotion to further tempt. This offer is valid from June 6th to July 24th and will allow users to pick up a (blue or white) ASUS two-pack tablet cover and Wireless Charging Folio and Duracell Wireless Charging Mat for $80. For those keeping track — that is a $50 savings.

Having said that, the ASUS PadFone X features include a 5-inch Full HD smartphone that docks into a 9-inch Full HD tablet. The device has LTE network connectivity and a 13 MP camera. But perhaps more important for some — the PadFone X is technically two devices but while in tablet mode — it uses the data coming from the smartphone. Simply put, the PadFone X eliminates the need for two data plans.