Microsoft seems to be in a good mood these days. After ending its long-running patent battle with Google, the software giant is now strengthening its patent licensing agreement with ASUS. The two tech companies broadening their partnership is good news because this means closer integration, better technology sharing, and probably more innovative products in the near future.

Microsoft and ASUS have agreed to pre-install Microsoft Office apps and services on ASUS devices. It’s similar to what Samsung and Microsoft have agreed on a few months ago to install Office apps on Samsung phones.

Vincent Hong, General Counsel at ASUS, believes in this partnership and said, “This agreement will give us both a greater ability to innovate for our customers”. More opportunities and technologies can be expected as well. “We see it leading to broad partnership opportunities for future technologies and a strengthened relationship between our two companies as leaders of the technology industry,” Hong further said.

Both companies are expected to greatly benefit from this agreement. Microsoft Technology Licensing’s president Nick Psyhogeos is positive that this will bring continued improvements to their products and that it is “possible only through mutual respect and alignment on intellectual property”.

After Google and ASUS, we wonder what’s next on Microsoft’s list.

SOURCE: Microsoft