Custom ROMs, even if they are not as popular as a few years ago, fill a need in the Android ecosystem. Developers of these custom ROMs are able to bring newer versions of Android to older devices that are not being supported anymore by their manufacturers due to old hardware. Would you want custom software for your Android smartwatch as well? That’s probably where AsteroidOS comes in – to bring new open source software to both new and older Android smartwatches and wearables.

The good news is that developer Florent Revest has just announced the first stable build for AsteriodOS. This is AsteroidOS 1.0, and it supports a good number of smartwatches, including the LG G Watch, LG G Watch Urbane, LG G Watch R, Asus Zenwatch 1, Asus Zenwatch 2, Asus Zenwatch 3, and Sony Smartwatch 3. Your smartwatch might or might not get upgraded to the new Wear OS software, but AsteroidOS definitely gives you an option.

AsteroidOS brings a number of features expected of a modern smartwatch — phone notifications, an agenda, alarm clock, calculator, a music remote control, settings and customizations, a stopwatch, a timer, and a weather forecast app are all included in this first release. These features can sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) through a companion app.

Would you want to run this on your smartwatch? We think it’s definitely worth a try. Check out the source link for all the details you need for installing the software on your smartwatch.

SOURCE: AsteroidOS