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Google Assistant regularly goes through a test to make sure the service works fine. The latest we know is about checking how it is now easier to read or scan a screen. The Google dev team has been working on these several changes that the Assistant actually receives. The latest set of updates include read aloud features and ‘what’s on your screen’. There is no big announcement yet but a source shared some changes spotted on the UI for the Assistant.

Google Assistant’s new UI show new collapsible sections like “My actions”, “On my screen”, and “Assistant suggests”. Apparently, these changes have been discovered on the version of the Google app for Android that has been crashing.

A source said the in-development Assistant UI has just been updated. Instead of “Assistant suggests”, you will now see “Recommended”. Under “On my screen”, you will see two new shortcuts: Read aloud and Lens my screen. The features though aren’t working yet.

At the moment, if you want to launch the Assistant’s page reader feature, you can use your voice. There may be changes and new features that will be introduced in the next rollout of updates. Seeing these features on the code doesn’t always mean they are final and official. Google can still decide not to implement them.


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