Google App for Android Crashing

The Google app makes it easier for anyone to search. There is the browser version but the specific app offers other interesting features. We’re not sure how many of you use it but for those who do, you may be experiencing some error. There have been reports that the mobile app for Android is repeatedly crashing especially after the last update rollout. If you’re wondering if another update can fix that, you can try these steps first as suggested by our source.

The crashing happens not only on the Google app but also on Podcasts and Lens. Even the Google Assistant is not available or has been experience problems especially on Google Pixel, Motorola, and Samsung smartphones.

The tech giant has also released instructions on how to fix the issue. These steps are official so we are hopeful the solution will work. There are some settings on the Google app that must be cleared. The Google team also encouraged uses to review first the settings if changed from default.

To start, launch the Android Settings app. Proceed to Apps & notifications> See all apps> Google> Storage & cache> select “Clear storage” or “Manage space”> CLEAR ALL DATA.

This should work. We’re crossing our fingers that same issue with the Lens and Podcasts will be fixed by following these steps. Check out Google app 12.24 beta version. It should be better now with a specific fix for the crashing.


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