A few months back, Gameloft released the Asphalt Overdrive spinoff with an 80’s California feel. Developer Gameloft is quick to update the game with two news cars, new storyline and a whole new infinite joyride race.

Asphalt Overdrive now features two new cars that must be unlocked: a white Lykan Hypersport and a blue Renault Alpine. We’re no auto experts but the two cars run fast and look really nice. Feel free to use the new cars or any of the models available in the selection.

Gameloft added a new gameplay mode too. You can now enjoy a Joyride Race game if you don’t want to drive like crazy and try to beat other racers. With the new racing mode, you can drive and stop only until you’re tired and bored cruising through the streets and highways of Southern California.

Asphalt Overdrive’s storyline has also been updated. Additional stories have been added so it’s like getting a new storyline. The only way for you to find out what those new stories are about is to download the game and see for yourself.

Download Asphalt Overdrive from the Google Play Store


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