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Making an important announcement around the same time as Google is showing off new Nest Cams, here is Arlo revealing new details about Arlo Motion Alerts. Alerts are now on Google Hub. It actually means you can view your Arlo Motion Alerts on a Google Hub so you are informed all the time. It is kind of Google to actually allow other brands to work with them and have their products and services be integrated into the system.

If you have an Arlo camera, you can sync it with Google Home so you can see the smart motion detection alerts on any smart speaker or display powered by the Google Assistant. You can’t just sync it though. You will still need an Arlo subscription plan.

The Arlo subscription allows advanced object detection. This can work on any compatible Arlo camera ( Arlo Pro3/Pro4/Essential Series) as long as synced with the Arlo mobile app.

You also need to link your Google Home and Arlo accounts. Of course, you need a Google Assistant speaker or display for the system to work. It can be a Nest Hub, Google Home Mini, Nest Hub Mac, or Chromecast.

For more efficiency, you can turn on the Google Home Voice Notifications within the Google Home app. Check the Voice Notifications settings on the linked Arlo camera. It should be turned on all the time.

Here are the supported voice announcements you can receive: Person Detection, Package Detection, Animal Detection, and Vehicle Detection. They can be available after the Nest Hub and Arlo camera are lined and voice notifications have been enabled.


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