Archos announced a trio of smartphones back in May and it looks like there are more coming later in the year. The details are still at a minimum, however the news is coming direct from Archos. Specifically, Archos has mentioned these plans in the perspectives section of their H1 2013 financial results report.

These details talk about what we can expect from Archos during IFA 2013. This show takes place in early-September and it looks like Archos will be announcing some new smartphones. They mention how they will “market a full range of seven Android smartphones.” The catch with that is whether this is seven new smartphones, or four new smartphones in addition to the previously mentioned three.

Regardless though, it looks like Archos has at least a few smartphone announcements coming in September. In addition to the talk of smartphones the company also touched on tablets and 3G. Further details here mention how they are “currently investing in the development of high-end tablets and also on 3G.” Touching back on the IFA announcements and it looks like there will be more than a handful coming.

A total was not given however this report did mention they had “more than 5 product announcements” coming during the show. Otherwise, aside from these announcements there was also talk of how Archos plans to “unveil innovations in thematic tablets, specifically around gaming, connected TV and the educational sector / early learning.”

Bottom line here, it looks like IFA is going to be a big show for Archos. And with a few weeks before the show we wouldn’t be all that surprised if we saw a leak or two before the official announcements arrive.

VIA: Liliputing, Eeevolution


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