Today we have some good news for all those looking for an excellent media and video player for Android. Yes we’re talking about the Archos Video Player. While their hardware gives us mixed feelings their integrated software, particular this video player, is one of their best offerings. Today they’ve released a free version and we have all the details below.

Archos has always been known for having awesome video players with their Android devices. Their video player can basically handle anything and everything you toss its way. It’s one of the few strong points for their tablet lineup. Offering hardware accelerated video decoding the amount of different file size, type, formats and such is a breeze for Archos.

Back in December they released their acclaimed media player to the Google Play Store and many were excited, only to find out they were asking $4.99 for the application. That price is worth it for many though, as it is probably the most capable video player for Android – although I’m sure a few others will have something to say about that.


While Archos has an excellent video player the price has certainly kept many from using that option, so today they’ve announced a free version. Sadly this free app is ad-supported. Hopefully this doesn’t mean popups in the middle of our videos. Because that would just be gross. For those wanting an extremely powerful video player that also has a pretty slick UI feel free to try out the just released free version from the link below. Then drop the $4.99 should you decide it’s worth it.

[via Play Store]