Archos has officially released their Video Player app into Google Play. The app is being touted as the”critically acclaimed ARCHOS Video player” and with the promise of it being able to deliver an “uncompromised multimedia experience.” Fancy sounding chatter aside though, the Archos Video Player app is now available for non-Archos branded tablets.

The app has been released as version 6.0.16 and will also run on smartphones. The one catch, the app requires Android 4.0.3 ICS or later for use. Otherwise, the other catch that we see comes in with the price. Archos is charging $4.99. Whether or not you will be willing to shell out the $5 purchase price will have to be left up to you to decide.

And here to help, lets talk features of the app. The Archos Video Player app has hardware accelerated video decoding support for “most devices and video formats.” The app also has the ability to play content from other computers/storage devices on your local network as well as playing content from a USB storage device.

Otherwise, some of the other highlights includes automatic online retrieval of Movie and TV show information, an integrated subtitle downloader, network indexing, video browsing with either folder or library based navigation and television shows that are sorted in a series/season/episode hierarchical view. All said and done, despite the $5 purchase price, the Archos Video Player app looks like one to consider, especially if you are looking to play videos streaming from other local devices.