Most of Archos’ tablets have a definite media focus, with a ton of customized software and options for large hard drives. Their Arnova line is meant to fulfill a more basic need with a generally lower price. Like their more expensive stablemates, the Arnova line is getting an Ice Cream Sandwich update with some revised hardware. ArcTablet spotted Archos’ updated website detailing the new tablets.

The larger of the two is the 10b G3, with a 10.1-inch 1024×600 LCD panel. Though the processor is a little pokey at 1GHz and single-core, a full gigabyte of RAM should be more than enough for Ice Cream Sandwich. Archos still manages to enable 8GB of local storage and full HD playback (via HDMI-out) for the $200 tablet. Adorama is already selling the new tablet.

The Arnova 9b G3 gets the same processor and RAM, but a smaller 4GB storage capacity and a 9.7-inch, 4:3 screen using an IPS panel. Archos hasn’t said what the price for the 9b G3 will be, but it should be slightly more expensive that the 10b G3 due to a denser and higher-quality screen. For a look at Archos’ take on Google-sanctioned Ice Cream Sandwich, check out our review of the 101 G9 Tuirbo.

[via Liliputing]


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  2. The first ‘more expensive stablemates’ should have gotten ICS themselves instead! Archos is only interested in selling new devices and never give them REAL updates. Before buying you should realize that these devices will never see the next main version of Android (in this case Jelly Bean).

  3. What other features has it got ?? Does it have a larger ram space as these are natoroius for having rubbish space and tend to give you low disc space message all the time ….


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