Archos who was one of the first to start making and selling Android tablets back in the Android 1.5 days are about to unleash some information on the next generation of Archos Tablets in Paris come June 23rd. They’ve had some success with Android tablets even though they have not shipped with Google’s blessing and set of special Google Apps such as the Android Market, Gmail, Google Maps and more. Archos has done a pretty good job making older android versions run well on tablets like the Archos 101 and 70.

The above image is not in English, but from what we are hearing it seems that Archos is all set to announce the new line and latest generation of their tablets, hopefully running on Honeycomb at a event on June 23rd. Details are thin, same goes for any news as to if they will actually be running Honeycomb or not but the Bee buzzing around in the picture above makes us think Honeycomb is up next for Archos.

A few Archos devices hit the FCC back in February but I have a feeling those are not what we will be seeing come June 23rd. Archos is known to make extremely reasonably priced devices although some may consider the build quality lacking. Hopefully this next generation will bring Archos up to par with the latest offerings like the Motorola Xoom, and the ASUS Transformer. Stay tuned for more information and check back on June 23rd for more details.

[via Archos Lounge]


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