Archos has tossed a pair of tablets packing Android over to the FCC for the final approvals before the machines can hit stores. The two new tablets include the Arnova 10HT and the Arnova 8. As you can guess from the name of the tablets, the screens are 10-inches and 8-inches.

Hard facts about the tablets are scant, but there are some rumors floating around. The Arnova 8 is said to have a resolution of 800 x 600, a 311MHz ARM CPU, 8GB of storage, and Android 1.5 for the OS. The other tablet has even less rumor fodder to work from.

It is supposedly more focused as a typical internet tablet and has WiFi according to the FCC, but that is it. If the rumored specs for the Arnova 8 are true, it seems a bit weak for facing the likes of the Galaxy Tab or iPad and may be more of a multi-function eReader. Hopefully more details will be coming soon.

Via WirelessGoodness