Archos, the maker of budget tablets galore already has two new tablets, the G9 101 and 80. Another tablet we haven’t heard of just snuck through the FCC. The A70S2, as its called, is protected by a non-disclosure agreement, so we know almost nothing about it. Will it be a 7″ G9 with Honeycomb and a 250GB hard drive, or something less exciting?

Archos has quite the history with cheap, low end Android tablets, but they have yet to produce one with the Android Market. That is changing with their new G9 tablets, since they will be running Honeycomb, which means Google had to be involved this time). You would think with two pretty unique tablets in the works, Archos would have its hands full. Apparently not.

The A702S is protected by a confidentiality agreement until August 19th, so we know almost nothing about it. The name leans towards a 7 incher, which we hope is running Honeycomb. Rumors are saying Honeycomb 3.2 will add support for 7″ tablets. Coincidence? We’ll see on either August 19th or whenever Archos decides to fess up.

[via FCC]