The Archos 43, better to be called a Personal Media Player due to its smaller size, is one of the five new “tablet” devices that Archos was excited to announce to the world not too long ago. And, it looks like the company is trying their best to keep their word of a mid-October launch date, as the PMP has just gone up for pre-order courtesy of Amazon.

While Archos may be happy calling it a tablet, the Archos 43 may be too small to warrant the title. Featuring a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, it’s certainly smaller than even Dell’s five inch Dell Streak “tablet” device. In any event, whatever you want to call it, it also features the Android Operating System, has an HDMI output port, and integrated WiFi. You can pre-order the 16GB version right now for $249.99, if you’re aching to get your hand on a new PMP with some Android love. And if you need some more information on the device, go check out our hands-on time with the 43.

[via Engadget]