Archos has always been a major contender in the media player and tablet market, even before the iPad hit shelves. Looking to re-establish themselves as an industry powerhouse they have released not one, but 5 new tablets running Google’s Android platform. They even have a device that starts just under a hundred bucks.

The devices come in many different flavors for different uses and include:

  • Archos 101: 10.1-inch high-resolution screen, HD multimedia support, and an adjustable kickstand. It also boasts a 1GHz processor, Bluetooth, USB, tethering support, HDMI TV out, accelerometer, 3D openGL technology, WiFi-n technology, and a PC-like web browsing experience.
    • The Archos 101 will ship this fall in 8GB ($300) and 16GB ($350) variants

  • Archos 43 Internet Tablet: 7.0-inch 4.3-inch color display, Android and Adobe Flash 10.1 players along with a 2MP HD camcorder.
    • The Archos 70 will ship this fall in 8GB ($275) and 250GB ($350)

  • Archos 28/32 Internet tablet: It’s probably more appropriate to call these MP3/MP4 players. They are powered by android so you do get email, web browsing, social networking, and other apps, in addition to music and video streaming.
    • The 4GB Archos 28 will be $100 and the 8GB Archos 32 will be $150 when they ship later this month.
  • [Via MobileMag]