It has been a long time since June when SlashGear went hands-on with the Archos 35. Honestly, we had expected the thing to be here before now. If you have been counting the days until you could get your hands on the device, it is now available at retail. If you don’t remember what the thing was all about, I doubt you are alone considering it has been about half a year since we fiddled with the gadget.

The Archos 35 home connects a little music box that is meant to sit on your nightstand or a desk. It can be used in other places too. It uses WiFi and offers web radio and alarm clock functionality to wake you to MP3s or web radio if you want. The device is customizable and allows the user to put apps on it that they want to use.

Archos promises that the sound quality is good and the device has a headphone jack and a touchscreen for navigation. You can pick one up directly from Archos or other web stores for $149.99. Chris at SlashGear did note in his hands-on that it felt a bit plasticy and cheap.