Just when you thought you had your fill of multitasking utilities for the day, XDA hits you again with another power tool. This time, the new APPoint (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) multitasking app doesn’t exactly let you switch between open apps. It does, however, help you launch your favorite apps from any screen, without having to go back to the homescreen.

While the earlier reported Switchr offers a fancier way to switch among apps that you already have running, APPoint, in essence, is a floating launcher windows that can be invoked anywhere. This is done by tapping a semi-transparent circle that is always visible on the screen. The dot can be moved, resized, recolored, or, in the paid version, can be changed to any image. Of course, it can also be turned off, but that would take away the usefulness of the whole app.

APPoint features three tab categories, favorite apps, games, and settings, allowing users to quickly launch their most needed apps when and where they need them. Unfortunately, the Lite version is quite heavily limited, only allowing for four favorite apps, no lockscreen support, no custom sorting, and no WiFi and mobile connection toggle for the settings tab. Here’s a video of APPoint in action, though it seems to be taken from a virtual machine, which could explain the lag which isn’t present when installed on a device.

APPoint Lite, the free version of the app, is available on Google Play Store via the link below. However, given how limited the version is, you might want to shell out $1.47 for the full version if this is your kind of tool.

Download: APPoint Lite on Google Play Store