Though mobile device rivals Samsung and Apple are said to be trying to amicably resolve some issues between them, Apple is far from done harvesting the fruits of its legal triumphs. It has filed a request seeking to ban twenty Samsung models that the Korean manufacturer isn’t even selling in the US anymore.

These twenty Samsung smartphones are the very same ones that have been found to infringe on Apple’s patents. Although the Cupertino-based tech company won that trial, it was unable to secure a ban on the products, with presiding judge Lucy Koh ruling that Apple was not able to prove that continuing sale of the devices would constitute irreparable harm. Apple, however, has other reasons in mind.

It might seem rather strange to go after practically dead products, but Apple’s motives are more forward looking. If it manages to secure a ban against these 20 devices, it would be able to establish a legal precedent to have even newer devices banned as well. Provided, of course, it manages to convince courts and juries that both old and new devices are not substantially different. Given how Apple has proved its legal prowess in its battle against Samsung, that might be a possibility.

That said, Samsung’s newer devices have their own troubles to face, with a different patent suit that might go on trial early next year. That is, unless Samsung and Apple manage to strike up a truce and a cross-licensing deal that will end or at least lessen the seemingly endless patent suits between the two.

VIA: phoneArena