The past few days we’ve been seeing financial and earnings reports from multiple big companies and today was Apple‘s turn. We saw Google’s Q4 results yesterday breaking $14.4 billion in revenue, but today’s results from Apple are huge. It’s technically their Q4 2012 calender year but is listed as Q1 financials. The fruit company racked in over $13 billion in pure profit too.

These financial results are always mind-boggling to listen to, and the CEOs usually share all sorts of interesting factoids and bits of information. To see everything related to Apple’s year check out our sister site SlashGear. If you’re asking why we’re following and reporting Apple’s results, it’s because we like to keep an eye on the competition. Keep your enemies close right?

Apple stated some pretty massive numbers and we’ll just quickly mention a few to keep you all posted on how wealthy the fruit company really is, and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Apple posted a record breaking $54.5 billion in revenue for the past 3 months, and net in over $13.1 billion in net profit. That’s just crazy and more than 3 times that of Google’s last quarter.

Apple went as far as to state last year in Q4 they pulled in $3.3 billion a week, but this year their revenue was around $4.2 billion each and every week. Add all that up and take out all the important bits they sent $13 billion of that straight to the bank. As for the raw numbers, Apple sold 47.8 million iPhones in the thirteen weeks, up 37m year-over-year. While that’s a lot, check out how many Android sold. It wasn’t all good news for Apple however, they stated Mac sales dropped as did the iPod, but those iPhone 5’s have been flying off the shelves and surpassed most predictions.

So what does this mean for Android? Nothing! What we do know is the next few months will be really exciting as Android pushes their massive quad-core 1080p HD assult around the same time as iPhone 5S rumors start to leak. Folks like Samsung will probably beat them to market, and the summer will be an interesting one to say the least.

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