Today we have an interesting and shocking story coming from none other than the once Apple legend and evangelist known as Guy Kawasaki. He was the biggest Apple fan around back in the 80’s, but a story making the rounds today from ReadWrite explains why he’s now a diehard Android fan, and why he made the switch.

What’s even more shocking about this entire story isn’t just the fact that he uses Android, I mean Android is amazing, it’s the fact that he actually admits to not using “any iOS products, none at all.” So while he may own multiple it doesn’t look like they get used much if his trusty Galaxy S III and Nexus 7 are sitting around. Here’s a direct quote from Guy himself:

“People are kind of amazed, but I don’t use any iOS products, none at all… I fell in love with Android on the smartphone, and then I got a Nexus 7 and started using Android on the tablet as well. To me the great irony is that Apple’s slogan was `Think Different,’ but today if you think different you’re looking at Android.”

Guy then goes as far as to say Apple’s slogan of ‘Think Different’ actually has more meaning for Android these days. If you truly think different, and about the possibilities a device can be used for, you’re looking at Android. Thanks for the shout out Kawasaki, we appreciate it!

The article goes on about him initially making the switch last year for bigger screens and 4G LTE speeds from the DROID RAZR MAXX and now the Galaxy S III. What about the iPhone 5 you guys ask? With things such as true multitasking, NFC capabilities, alphabetical lists of apps, and the fact that he doesn’t need “some stupid proprietary cable” for charging Android has won him over — even with the larger screen and LTE of the iPhone 5.

“I won’t switch now, because I think Android is better.”

He isn’t making the switch, and regarding tablets he isn’t either. He goes on to mention the iPad mini had nothing that made him want to set down his Nexus 7 — and thus that’s what he’ll continue to use. Interestingly enough it sounds like Apple’s other big man Steve Wozniak is the one that recommended he try the RAZR MAXX, and he’s never looked back. We know the WOZ is a big fan of Android, and even got his own Nexus right from Google HQ last year, but he still uses the iPhone himself. Below you’ll find a few neat stories on Steve Woz too. For more details and the full interview with Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki head to the via link below.

[via ReadWrite]