We tend to ignore Apple-specific news here on Android Community, but if you’re a user of app discovery service Chomp, you’ll have a hard time doing that today. All references to the Android Market/Google Play Store and Verizon’s V-CAST apps are gone from Chomp’s website. The Chomp app itself has disappeared from the Google Play Store, and the download links on its home page go straight to iTunes. In fact you won’t find any mention of the world’s most popular mobile OS anywhere on their website.

This is because Apple bought Chomp lock, stock and barrel back in February, and they’re not too keen on sharing the limelight with the operating system that’s outselling iOS in every major market. The reasoning was that Apple wanted Chomp’s algorithm for searching and organizing apps to improve the same feature in iTunes. When the acquisition was announced, Chomp’s executive had already been working for Apple for some time.

Will this affect you? Unless you’re a dedicated and constant user of Chomp, probably not. It’s also not altogether surprising, given Apple’s downright hostile stance towards Android in the past, refusing to even allow iOS developers to acknowledge Android apps in their iTunes listings. Oh well – you’ll just have to rely on one of Chomp’s competitors or, you know, search the Google Play Store manually from now on.

[via SlashGear]